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Listen to these sample sound clips:

Old Time Fiddle Tune - Cumberland Gap

Duet - These Old Green Hills

Waltz - Five Steps Down

Fiddle Tune by Canote Brothers

Old Time Fiddle Tune

Dance Tune - Mairi's Wedding

Celtic Tune - The Ash Grove

Celtic Tune - Jig

French Canadian Tune

Write to us at if you'd like to hear more samples of vocal or instrumental selections suitable for indoor or outdoor weddings, square dances, receptions, coffeehouses or other events.


Choosing music for a wedding can be a challenging process if you are planning an event that falls outside of conventional lines. Weddings that take place outdoors or in non-traditional spaces can be ideal situations for special music. Weddings are joyous occasions and the music should reflect that feeling.

Let the music of Strings on Wings provide that ambiance for your special day. Strings on Wings plays traditional fiddle tunes and waltzes in the Appalachian, Celtic, Folk, New England and French Canadian styles.

Listen to the music played by this acoustic duo on fiddle and guitar to hear some of the types of music that Strings on Wings has played for weddings and receptions. If you would like to know more about the repertoire of songs and music that this duo performs, please call or email Todd or Barb for help in planning music for your special occasion.

Todd Clewell & Barb Schmid

Barb Schmid, from Felton, PA plays fiddle in a variety of styles, including old-time, celtic and french canadian. Todd Clewell, also from Felton, PA, plays guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin. Together they produce a tightly woven rhythmic and melodic journey through dance tunes, waltzes and charming duet harmonies.

They have recently recorded a CD on Happy Dog Records, titled "Strings on Wings."

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In addition to wedding ceremonies, Strings on Wings also entertains during dinners and receptions, with music ranging from peaceful, flowing music suitable for dining and visiting, to the lively, danceable music of a contra or barn dance.